At Home: 2.8.13

Zane's Stack of Wood Chips

Naked bulbs

A book on whales

Losing its shine


The anchor

Recycled Bottles

Chair & Skin

Grocery List

The Office

Winter green


3 thoughts on “At Home: 2.8.13

  1. Thanks! Don’t you just love the soft and slightly faded colors of an old map? Love to look at people’s bookshelves and how in the world do you manage to sustain white upholstery? Too many kids and pets prevented me from ever trying white, but it is always lovely. I guess the pond across the way will soon be piled high with snow–so stay in and enjoy your cozy, lovely home.

  2. Any more vintage maps Sarah??? As you know my kelly is just itching to get one and hang it up. She wants to “pin” all the places she has traveled since moving to Brussels in August!!!!

    • Linda, I have a world map I can send you a picture of. She might not want it because the countries aren’t necessarily accurate anymore, but it’s a cool image.

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