Downton Abbey 2012: The Crawley Sisters Take New York

Downton Abbey has millions of us glued to our TV sets on Sunday nights, eager to watch the next installment of the highbrow-iest soap opera ever made. In honor of the indomitable, if sometimes irritating Crawley sisters and their differences, The Roving Home transports them to New York circa 2012, with a glimpse into their lives: at home, work and play.

Oh Downton Abbey. We love you so.


Mary’s place in Tribeca:

designed by west chin architect, pllc

Oh Edith. She lives here on the Upper East Side:

designed by Charlotte Moss

Sybil lives in Williamsburg. Her parents are not impressed.

designed by David Alhadeff of Future Perfect


Mary works here:

from Siam Steel

Edith works here:

photo from

and here:

Red Door Spa

and here:

photo from

Sybil works here:

image from


Mary (she’s winning):

from Fishing Bay Yacht Club

Edith (because sometimes it’s all just too much):


Sybil (she’s the one with the painfully concerned look on her face):

image from The Christian Science Monitor


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